What's New / Annual Conference

Every October DBMAT holds an annual conference.  Families of people with deafblindness come from all parts of Texas.  The Conference is held at Camp Young Judea in beautiful Wimberley, TX.  Parents are offered lectures relating to best practices in the field of deafblindness.  Topics change each year.  Presentations are made by both professionals and parents.  People find that they also learn a great deal in the spaces of time between the lectures.  Informal sharing helps people emotionally and can provide special tips which can't be orchestrated in a lecture.  Lifelong friendships for adults and children have resulted from the DBMAT conference.  While the parents are involved in training, their children are involved in a full camping experience.  This includes such activities as ropes course, archery, fishing, hiking, arts and crafts, campfire, etc.  To see pictures of three previous conferences, click on words below the pictures.  (Depending on your browser speed, the pictures may take some time to load.)





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